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Dr. Hazem Kobeissi

Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department
Sports medicine, stem cells and plasma treatment.
German Board

We are glad to welcome Consultant Hazem Kobeissi, a renowned orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon from Germany, to the European Medical Center (EMC), Jeddah. Dr. Hazem's areas of expertise include stem cells and plasma therapy, arthroscopic surgery, bone and joint replacement, and sports medicine. He has worked as a professional for more than 30 years, and he has led the orthopedic, trauma, and sport medicine surgery departments. Patients from all around the world seek out his exceptional surgical talents and great accomplishments, and he promotes the use of cutting-edge surgical techniques for his treatments.

He held the positions of Head of the Research Center for Orthopedics and Sport Reconstruction Surgery in Germany, Member of the German Committee for Plasma and Stem Cell Advanced Treatments, and Licensed Medical Practitioner by the Saudi Council.