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Dr. Naif Albar

Consultant ENT, Otorhinolaryngology,
Head and Neck Surgery
German Board & German Fellowship
Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz University in Rabigh.

Your doctor specializes in:

-Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic nasal and sinus infections 

-Endoscopic removal of polyps in the nose and sinuses

-Diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus allergies 

-Diagnosis and treatment of Eustachian tube obstruction and balloon dilatation operations

-Modification of the nasal septum cartilage and endoscopic reduction of the nasal turbinate

-Treatment and surgeries for snoring and sleep apnea 

-Treatment and removal of tonsils and adenoids 

-Treating middle ear infections and fluids and making ventilation tubes

-Removal of foreign bodies laparoscopically