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About Us


Our mission is to Cure with Care”. We put our patients at the heart of our care delivery, focusing on their satisfaction and active engagement in their personalized medical care plan.


By following the standards of Vision 2030, we aspire to be one of the best providers of medical services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


. Compassion

We believe that a large part of our patients treatment lies in our personal participation throughout their medical journey from the beginning to the point of full recovery. We are empathetic and believe that compassion is half the healing.

. Patient-Centricity

We consider our patients to be the decision-makers in their treatment journey, and our role is to guide them and give them all the treatment options that are appropriate for every condition. Our patients are at the core f the entire health and care process.

. Collaboration

We define collaboration as the ongoing process of working and learning with everyone involved in our patient medical journey in EMC as ONE TEAM.
The efforts of the medical and administrative teams are combined with our patients family and social environment, which represents an important element in their lives, in order to achieve complete recovery while ensuring that world-class standards are preserved throughout all our services.

. Innovation

Our constant commitment to developing our services is what allows us to care for our patients and ease their suffering in their integrated treatment journey in a professional and efficient way.
We constantly evaluate our services and we believe that to remain at the top of our field, we preach innovation at all levels.

. Integrity

We are honest, ethical and trustworthy. We shall always be transparent and act morally upright, in our patients’ best interest.

. Quality

We believe that everyone has the right to have the best chance to live a healthy and active life. Thus, we at EMC are dedicated to offer our patients the highest global standards and quality of medical services in healthcare.