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This department at the European Medical Center treats all diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract for men, women and children, and performs all surgeries in this regard, and the center also deals with cases of infection and bleeding of the bladder, kidney stones and bladder, kidney cysts, kidney infections, narrowing of the urethra, urinary incontinence, penile crookedness, impotence, varicocele, male infertility, urinary system tumors, and correction of urinary system abnormalities, and the department also performs other services, including:

Conducting analyzes and all required x-rays.
Cystoscopy procedure.
Laparoscopic dilation and installation of stents in the ureter.
Take the required biopsies.
Imaging of the urethra backwards.
Breaking up and cracking of stones.

Doctors specializing in Urology