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Home Care

The European Medical Center offers a variety of services to meet the needs of patients, through professional personalized care provided by a carefully selected internationally qualified and recognized medical team, these services include: radiology, laboratory work, physiotherapy, emergency procedures, and minor surgeries.

Our first goal is to provide a comprehensive service to our patients; therefore, we work to provide comprehensive and immediate medical care so that patients can undergo the necessary examinations immediately after consulting our doctors.

In addition, appointments are scheduled directly for booking and to further enhance the patient experience.

Home Care

A lot of patients who require healthcare services, prefer it to be provided in the comfort of their homes. And some research indicate that certain healthcare services might be more effective when provided at home.
Therefore, the European Medical Centre has launched ITS Home Care Unit that offers a variety of services delivered at your home, under the Home Healthcare Program.


Most Common are

Doctor’s Consultation
Nursing Services
Laboratory Tests
Specialized Wound Care
Assisted Feeding